Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

At YSMT we offer many different aspects of Musical Theatre. From tap and tech theatre classes to mainstage productions. There is something for every theatre-lover at YSMT. We are always adding new classes to oue schedule. Visit our class schedule webpage for more information. 

How do I sign-up for YSMT?

Please create a ClassBug account by clicking the link below. This will be our payment portal where you can register for classes. 

On ClassBug you will see different classes based on age groupings. There may also be audition workshops and audition days for our YSMT Company. Choose the respective class, workshop, or audition day for your respective student and complete your purchase to guarantee registration.

What do you specialize in?

YSMT specializes in teaching young artists all elements of musical theatre from beginner to advanced all while focusing on individual guidance for each student. We believe in building characteristics like self-esteem, independence, kindness, teamwork, leadership, and more at YSMT. 

Where do we drop off students?

Please follow the building to the back area of YSMT. You will pick up and drop off students in the back for every class and rehearsal unless otherwise stated. Students should not arrive more than 5 minutes early for their scheduled rehearsal. We understand students could be running late, there is no need to inform us of a tardy student's arrival time. 


What is the commitment to YSMT like?

At YSMT, each student is valued and a member of a large team of fun-loving individuals. We do understand that there are outside commitments to other activities, family time, and schoolwork. We just ask that our students inform us as far in advance as possible when there is a conflict or a necessary absence. For students who have speaking roles in mainstage productions, we ask that  families commit to our scheduled rehearsals. 

What is your withdrawal/refund policy?

All refunds are at the discretion of Young Star Musical Theatre Inc. and must be discussed with all parties involved. If a student chooses to withdrawal after the cast list has been announced, they may be suspended from registering for an entire production season. We recommend discussing all options before withdrawing. 

How does volunteering work at YSMT?

We love having parent volunteers at YSMT. Parents who sign up for a volunteer position are expected to follow through with this commitment. We are a small organization and the only way we can continue to provide a high-quality arts program like this is with the committed help of parents and the community.

Do you have scholarships or other payment options?

YSMT will accommodate alternative tuition payment plans in certain circumstances. To arrange a payment plan, you must meet with YSMT directors personally. We can offer weekly payments or multiple payment methods. Let's figure out a plan that works for you and your family. 

YSMT provides needs-based scholarships as funding becomes available. If you are eligible, the scholarship can pay for up to half of the cost of tuition. Applications for scholarships must be submitted each semester after registration and costume rental fees have been paid. Applications can be obtained from the directors, please email us at [email protected] for more information.

What is your behavior policy?

At YSMT we have certain guidelines that are designed to allow students an optimum learning experience. We have learned over the past 20 years that this is what works best for our program, while providing every performer a positive experience in class and on stage. Students will show courtesy and respect towards others and instructors at all times. If respect and cooperation is not shown, the following steps will be taken:
1st warning will be verbal with a possible brief sit out of participation.
2nd warning will be a phone call to parent/guardian about behavior, with possible escalation for the student to be picked up from rehearsal.
3rd warning may result in the student losing their space in a class or their role in the show.

It is solely up to the discretion of YSMT to decide whether a student can return or not after negative behavior. 

Can I watch classes/rehearsals?

We do not allow guests, without prior consent from the Directors, inside the studio. Visitors may sit outside the front windows at our picnic tables. Visitors may be distracting for some students. Additionally, it takes away from the learning experience. Please respect this policy.
Visitors during performances?
During performances and tech rehearsals, no one except actors and volunteers will be allowed backstage. We realize that it is fun to say "Hi" to friends and family, but the actors need to be focusing and concentrating on their team and the performance. This allows students and instructors to feel like they can work without an audience or distractions. Please respect this policy.

Does my child have a lot of stage time?

Every show produced with YSMT is unique. The number of students participating in each show also varies. We strive to put students in roles where they will shine the brightest and provide honest and captivating storytelling for our audiences. An actor’s stage time is not always reflective of their skill or audition, but when you are a part of The Young Star community it is understood that the show quality is high because every actor in every size role is strong, and giving their best effort no matter how many lines they have. We work very hard to highlight every student as much as we can. 

What is your cell phone/electronics policy at YSMT?

We recognize the importance of students having cell phones in order to stay in contact with parents. We require that the studio during rehearsals is a cell phone free environment and that performers pay attention so that they can learn from the other actors working, and so that they do not miss their own cues. Cell phones may be used on snack breaks. Cell phones must be turned off if we find that they are being used excessively or interfering with rehearsal. During productions, cell phones must be turned off to avoid distractions, missing cues, and unnecessary noises.

What is your anti-bullying policy at YSMT?

Someone who intentionally causes physical or emotional harm to someone else as a way to gain power or influence, in person, by cell phone or online. You are acting as a bully if you:
1. Make derogatory comments or call bad names to someone’s face or behind their back, spread lies with gossip or rumors
2. Make efforts to socially exclude or isolate someone
3. Physically abuse someone by hitting, kicking, shoving, and spitting, etc.
4. Take money or other belongings from someone
5. Force or pressure someone to do something against their will or encourage them to do something inappropriate
6. Brag about your abilities, talents, and roles or criticize the talents and abilities of others. If you recognize bullying:
--Get help from an adult --Stand up for what’s right --If you hurt someone, apologize and make it right!
The YSMT staff does our best to monitor and understand all social situations between the students while YSMT. Issues outside our program must be handled between students and their parents.

 1. Students will always show courtesy and respect towards others, including outside the studio and via social media, texting, FaceTime, etc.

2. Students should discuss when something upsetting arises with a YSMT teacher and their parent. We are a team and must work together to create a safe space for everyone.

3. Drama, bullying, cyberbullying, name calling, horseplay, violence, threats, etc. will not be tolerated and may result in an escalation of suspension or removal from the show.

4. Written or verbal apologies to the group or individual involved is expected.

1st warning will be verbal with a brief sit out of participation.
2nd warning will be a phone call to parent/guardian about behavior.
3rd warning the student may be asked to be picked up early with a private discussion at pickup.  

What is your admissions policy?

Young Star Musical Theatre admits students of any race, color, national origin, sexual orientation and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and other programs. 

What is your discrimination harassment policy?

Harassment or intimidation of a parent, staff person or student because of that person’s race, age, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or religion is specifically prohibited and may be grounds for termination. Harassment and intimidation includes abusive, foul or threatening language or behavior. YSMT is committed to maintaining a workplace that is free of any such harassment and will not tolerate discrimination against staff members, volunteers or students. Issues of discriminatory treatment, harassment, or intimidation on any of these bases should immediately be reported to the Board of Directors and, if substantiated, prompt action will be taken.